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Nov 25, 2020

Ever wondered why your cramps are really bad? Or maybe you’ve been trying to get pregnant for what feels like ages, or maybe you just want to know what the best period products are on the market?

In today’s episode Berri answers common questions from the #FloTribe and provides a different and honest perspective on your most commonly asked questions.

  • Eat Your Way to a Better Period Program -  Use Code PINKFRIDAY for 20% off
  • Fertility
    • CDC Status on Infertility
    • If his sperm is watery, try adding this to his smoothie
  • Period Products I'm Obsessed with
    • Semaine Health - use BERRI20 for 20% shop it here
    • Ovamoon Menstrual Multi - use BERRI15 for 15% shop it here
    • Menstrual Cup - I recommend a Saalt Cup, Honey Pot Co, or Bloody Buddy Cup you can use BERRION for a discount on a Bloody Buddy Cup
    • Breathwork
    • Schedule Vacation Days in Your Calendar